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space Myoelectric Prostheses
space Every prosthesis Leimkuehler, Inc. fabricates is specifically designed for each patient through the use of casts, measurements and working models.
space Myoelectic prostheses operate by a system of small electrodes implanted in the socket of the prosthesis. When a muscle contracts it sends a wave of depolarization across the muscle fiber. This electrical charge is detectable on the surface of the skin and is picked up by the electrodes. The magnitude of the charge is directly related to the intensity of the contraction. Myoelectric control eliminates the need for a harness. The prosthesis is self-suspended. The myoelectic prosthesis allows the patient to re-establish a physiological relationship between muscle contraction and the opening and closing of the terminal device.
space There are a variety of myoelectric elbows as well as myoelectric terminal devices, including the new i-Limb Ultra hand by Touch Bionics, the only prosthetic hand with the ability to gradually increase the strength of its grip on an object.
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