“I brought my 4 month old to Leimkuehler for helmet therapy after researching many different places. I could not say enough kind things about my experience with them. My son had severe brachycephaly and Greg took so much time explaining how the helmet works and also the anatomy of the skull. I appreciated his explanation as it made me feel more comfortable about the decision. I also appreciated his team researching our insurance and fighting for it to get approved.
Greg also gave me his personal cell phone which was important to me as bigger organizations will not do that. If any issues or questions came up with the helmet, I knew I’d be able to ask him right away and get a timely response. My sons head changed so much in just three months. Greg was gentle with the baby and always made him smile. Such a positive experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for a helmet for their baby! It is worth the time and money!”
Emily R.

“I am writing a letter to provide high recommendations for Leimkuehler, Inc., in Cleveland, Ohio. It all started 19 years ago when I was in an accident and lost my right leg above the knee. Bob Leimkuehler and his company was a life saver! He came to the hospital and arrangements were made for me to come see him when my leg was all healed and ready for a prosthesis. Bob called the hospital with concern of my well-being and to answer any questions my husband had about what the next step would be. He was positive and reassuring. They taught me how to walk again! Everyone at Leimkuehler, Inc. is wonderful, compassionate and patient with me. I have been in their care ever since 1995. When new knees, feet or prosthetic styles were available, Leimkeuhler, Inc. made me aware and would fit me with a new part if possible. When in-services’ were provided and they thought I may be interested, a call was made to me to participate. Whenever I am in need of a new skin, prosthesis or an adjustment, Leimkuehler is very accommodating. I feel more than comfortable when I go in to have my leg worked on. The office staff and practitioners and I have a “family” relationship. I will continue a quality of life for many, many years.”
Forever grateful,

“My family and I have had such a positive experience with Leimkuehler Inc. I think they should be recognized for their outstanding service. Josephine at the front desk is always very friendly and welcoming. She was also very helpful in getting us in quickly to see Greg Leimkuehler. We had a very negative experience with a different company but we are so thankful Greg went out of his way and stepped in to help. He really spent a lot of time with us resolving the problems my daughter was having. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and really knows what he is doing. You can definitely tell he truly genuinely cares and really wants to help. He is so good with my daughter and she absolutely LOVES him! I finally feel we are on the right track thanks to Greg and Leimkuehler Inc.”
Lisa S.

“Leimkuehler, Inc. came into my life in 1959 when I became an above the knee amputee. Over the years, Paul, Jon and Bob Leimkuehler as well as two or three other prosthetists have made a number of up-dated prostheses and kept them in working order. For most of the past fifty years, I have not needed to use any assistive aid (other than a cane while recovering form broken bones following a tumble). In fact, they have done such a good job in keeping me mobile that many people had no idea that I was an amputee until they saw me without the prosthesis. Due to other health issues, I now use two Canadian crutches for safety reasons. Leimkuehler, Inc, however, has recently completed a new prosthesis that is a fine match, both in function and appearance, for my own leg and that is important for a 79 year old.”
Pat Ferry

“As and injured 16 year old black female, I was devastated, to say the least upon loosing my leg below the knee in a car accident to a drunk driver. I thought all was lost and what do I do now? Well, Leimkuehler, Inc. came to my rescue and I have been walking and stepping proudly throughout my life every day since. Leimkuehler, Inc. has been a lifeline for me in more ways than one:
• They helped me keep my self-esteem.
• They restored my faith to survive with pride.
• They developed top grade materials to make my limb more lifelike than ever.
• They helped me to maintain my dignity throughout my career and daily activities.
God Bless You Leimkuehler, Inc.
Arlene Langford
47 years and running

“When I first became an amputee in 2009 I found out what a life changing condition it would be. I had done some research and thought I would be able to handle it. WRONG. At that time, I found so many people that can help. I was able to find the right people to help me start an amputee support Group. The South West General Hospital C Unit Heart and Vascular Institute helped and continue to back us.

As a group we have speakers and learn so much. I am at the Hospital 3 times a week and meet new amputees. They are so happy to see another amputee just walk in their room.

My first leg company and practitioner does not compare to Jason or Leimkuehler, Inc. It took me some time to decide which company I would see for my new leg....... I met with Jason; he was so knowledgeable and professional. He took time to explain all the aspects of the leg. I was very lucky to get a Plié knee, I am rather active and I try to get to the rec center 3 times a week and walk all over the hospital. When I first came home with the totally new leg I was amazed at how little exertion it took to get to my 2ND floor Condo. (14 steps) Doug from Freedom Innovations was at 2 of my appointments and between him and Jason I had a very great experience. The 3 of us made the entire procedure very enjoyable. I have become secure in walking with my new leg. The comfort level is so much better. Thank you to everyone. I am so glad I came to Leimkuehler, Inc.”
Carol K.

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