New Amputee

What happens after amputation?

Consult with your physician, wound care, physical therapy and Leimkuehler, Inc. to plan out your healing and rehabilitation process.

The prosthetic process starts with a compression garment also knows as a shrinker fit by a prosthetist. This is ordered by the physician with a prescription.
When cleared by the physician, the prosthetist will take a cast or scan and start making the prosthesis.

You will have a diagnostic fitting appointment and an alignment fitting to ensure the prosthesis fit and function is optimized.

Once completed, you will take delivery of the prosthesis and supplies such as gel liners and socks. Final adjustments and a safety check will be performed at this visit. Gait training with physical therapy is important to reach full function with the prosthesis.

Follow up visits will be necessary to maintain the prosthesis, make minor adjustments and to receive prosthetic supplies annually at a minimum.

After Amputation

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