Troubleshooting… Patient wearing silicone suction liners. If you cannot remove leg/arm from the prosthesis, follow these steps.

First, Relax

1) Depress Release Button and check ease of function
a) Make sure button is free of debris
b) If button fell out, use awl or metal skewer and push in to release

2) Push leg into socket more instead of pulling and attempt to release
a) Pulling the leg out of socket may be binding the pin to the lock
b) Pushing the leg into socket more, while simultaneously pressing button,may release the bind

3) Liner Release Suggestions
a) Pour warm soapy water at the top of liner between liner and skin
b) Use a large milkshake straw to gently work solution between liner and skin
c) Straw also provides a channel for air to move to the bottom of socket
d) Light blowing in straw will help aid in release. DO NOT USE PRESSURIZED AIR.

4) Once you feel soapy water over entire leg
a) Gently pull leg out
b) Liner will be in prosthesis
c) You now can reach in and pull liner out

If this technique is unsuccessful, contact us immediately at (216) 651-7788.

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